L-R. Bob, Adrian, Stompy, Johnny Karma, Bic, Ian aka Zag.

Ring (featuring Zag, Bob and a cast of 1000s)

“Roll up, roll up to the twisted circus of Ring” they cried.
A class act, legendary and seminal to the (pre rave) free festival crowd, blending all manner of riffs and noises but never failing to rock. Deserve a proper website - who’s gonna do it?
Very broadly, it happened in 3 phases. V early line up that included Hayze, the line up with Bronwen & Mick (where are they now?), and the Nervous Recreations era line up shown above (in picture selected to cause maximum embarrassment)

Bronwen, Bob, Mick and Zag.


Saxophonist wearing a map



Below. the core of the "O de Dun Dun" line up pose before a gig at
the Pullens Centre, Elephant and Castle.


Cassette albums included;
1984 Demo (with Rory "singing" Cavity Head).

O De Dun Dun – the best one imo, with more swing and charm than the more widely known...
Nervous Recreations , which is heavier, complex, and transparently in awe of cardiacs.
Production-wise it was the outer limits of what one could achieve with a cassette 4 track at the time.


Behold the Oh de dun dun cover...



...and Nervous Recreations Cover.



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